2012 09 29

Sat Sep 29 2072

The Rez, Warrens: A large mixed group of Horsemen and TLF make their way on foot through the Rez. Drugs, booze, and general rowdiness despite the persistent rain.

The TLF chant "Ork Rights" while the Horsemen provide security. Placards are waved: /=Y= 4 WARRENS/ /NEXT PREZ IS WATCHING/ /FUCK FALOON/.

Elsewhere in an abandoned building, The Warrens: The rotund fixer known locally as The Other Big Jake breathes his last breath, the last thing he sees is a troll-sized ork of synthetic muscle and steroids. Brother Mouzone hits a button on a blood soaked cell phone. A man's voice answers, Mouzone gives notification: "We won't be using middle men like the last chapter President. You'll need to meet me." Mouzone hangs up.

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