2012 09 28 1

Fri Sep 28 2072

The Warrens, Orktown.

Brother Mouzone and a few members of the TLF cleans pistols at a backroom table in The Big House. Metal Dave and the Horsemen at another table testify to the Horsemen way of life. The two groups ignore each other. Mouzone checks his silver wrist watch.

Ka-BOOM. A car bomb goes off outside! Glass shatters all around the bar, one Horsemen is gravely injured. The TLF and Horsemen run outside to look at the carnage. The perpetrators: Two Anglo-humans in good runner gear. One of the runners gives Mouzone a funny look before his face explodes. Mouzone blows smoke out from his barrel, "My Brothers, the human scum doesn't care about your borders. I offer you my political alignment." Metal Dave grunts. Mouzone counters, "And free drugs!" Novacoke and Cram spill from duffel bags.

The TLF make new friends.

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