2012 09 28

Fri Sep 28 2072

The Warrens, Orktown. As gangs duke it out, the Tusk Liberation Front continue to stay under the radar: The occasional liquor store hold up, low level hit jobs, scab work in sweat shops, gun running through the Nevada desert, mass snitching to Lone Star on competing and more authentic Ork activists. Local Street Samurai Hek gets into a firefight outside Krom's Stuffer Shack. Two Dead, One Escaped.
Word is that the "political action group" is nothing more than a violent gang with some serious firepower behind them and expensive backers.
Three weeks ago during a TLF meeting in The Bare Knuckle "Brother" Mouzone steps forward and announces he's the new President 'elect'. Their public protest is postponed, again, but somehow they manage a new one through Denver Parks & Rec. Flyers for Ork Rights. Flyers for a "Day Of Protest". Flyers chastising Faloon: Come join them.

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