2012 09 18 2

Tues Sep 18 2072

The rest of Boxcar 470 (For Real World Reference: Antonov An-225 'Mria') plunges downward gracelessly. There is no elegance, no final requiem for a doomed aircraft. No glory. There is only the long drop and the sudden stop that ends in a fireball. The main impact is in Seven Hills, a debris field about a half mile wide and about a mile long.

While the fireball was massive, it becomes clear that the aircraft ripped itself apart while it fell, scattering it's cargo across this area. What was in the cargo? It's hard to say… but they are all non-descript unmarked Universal Military Transport casings. Some large. Some small. Destined for a combat zone somewhere, and ready for paradrop deployment.

And now they rain down on the Warrens…

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