2012 09 18

Tues Sep 18 2072

"Boxcar, tower. We're showing increased electrical activity in the anomaly. Be advised."

"What the hell are they saying?" Asks Commander Mark Leifield of his co-pilot. "I can't make it out through the static."

"Neither can I. I'm going to try switching to—" The co-pilot never gets to finish his thought, as a bolt of energy lances out from the storm. It arcs along the aircrafts ion trail, slamming into the wingtip. Now, most aircraft are built with safety mechanisms, and this one is no exception. The problem is when you build to withstand a force of 10, and a force of 20 comes. A further problem when it's an exponential scale, not linear.

Boxcar's wing shears off at the joint with the fuselage. In the movies, this might be done in slow motion, with drama added and an amazing soundtrack. Heroic efforts will be made to pull up, pull up! Get to the chutes and the plane will plummet into some desolate corner of nowhere, a comical little mushroom cloud coming up.

But that's not here. Thats not Shadowrun.

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