2012 09 15

Sat Sep 15 2072

Meanwhile, in the FDC…

"I have eyes." Says Mr. Blacke. Seated in his truck parked down the street, Mr. Blacke is awash in the glow of amber monitors and datafeeds, not jacked into his drones, but instead using captains chair mode.

"Very good." Says Mr. White into his commlink. Clad in a ruthenium poncho over his corporate security armor, Mr. White is across the street from the Party Headquarters for the New American Era Party. The security is impressive, with Knight Errant providing the on-site. "I've tagged four locations. Scan them for hidden security… they all seem likely points. Mr. Blue - do a sweep at high speed, do a roof run. We don't want to linger, but shake the tree for me."

Mr. Blue, the Adept, smiles just slightly as she starts her run. She hits the edge of her building, sailing across the gap of the alley without effort. She takes the other side in a combat roll, then comes up to her feet - fast and fleet - to dodge between car-sized air conditioning units and ducting. "Pressure sensors on the roof - laser trip wires near the doors." She calls out while running, sub-vocalizing for all the strenuousness of her. "Not top grade - it can be spoofed." And then she hits the other side, and is gone in a whisper of cloth, landing across the next small side street, atop another building.

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