2012 09 08

Sat Sep 8 2072

The Warrens, back room of the Bare Knuckle.

Mouzone wants to meet 'The Money Man', Connor refuses. "You're old, making truces. I know you're no longer teaching at Denver Comm-College. /I'm/ the face of the TLF, /no one/ cares about you."

Mouzone's pet gorilla in an ork costume throws Connor around the place. Mouzone beats Connor with a homemade sap. Shotgun pellets slick with blood roll from a rubber hose.

Connor gasps. Connor whimpers and welps. He does the tusk triage tango. Connor relinquishes, "Okay, you're TLF Top Bananna, I piss in a bag for the rest of my life. Here's Derek's number."

Mouzone smiles. He dials. He gets no answer.

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