2012 09 05 6

Wed Sep 5 2072

FADE IN - A panorama of the White House Veranda. FOCUS - An woman of Slavic/eastern European features. Dark hair, dark eyes, a dusky skin tone that compliments here well, dressed in a business suit. "Who am I." It's not a question. It's a statement. "Everyone wants to know." PULL IN - FOCUS ON FACE. "I am Nadja Daviar, UCAS Citizen. Vice president for sixteen years. Sixteen years of uninterrupted peace. Prosperity. Economic Expansion and the return to greatness for the United Canadian and American States. Sixteen years of foreign policy that has our relationships with the world. Brought investment back to our manufacturing and funding to our education. I am a United Canadian and American States Citizen, I am an American. And I am confident that you will look at the last sixteen years and see a proven track history of excellence. That is who I am. I would be honored to be the next President of the United Canadian and American States. Lets change the question now. Who are we?" - Paid for by Nadja Daviar for President, 2072.

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