2012 09 03 7

Mon Sep 3 2072

"Ahh, General Colloton, Julio Rameriz, Aztlan News Network. Other nations, specifically the Aztlan Republic and Tir Tairngire have spoken loudly about their unease with the possibility of a Colloton Administration. The Aztlan Republic in specific called you 'a colonial saber rattling European oppressor and enemy of the people. What do you have to say to that?"

Angela stares down the reporter for a long moment. "I say that the United Canadian and American States do not give heed to nor do we care about the words of a nation founded on virtual slavery of its own people. Aztlan is an aggressive military power and infectious economic disease."

There's a bit of a stunned silence from the press corps.

"Ah… General Colloton! Julia Redman, Independent News Network. How would your administration handle the rogue General, Kenji Saito?"


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