2012 09 01 1

Sat September 1 2072

Falloon and his entourage go over the week's agenda. The Deputy Secretary of Parks and Recreation interrupts the meeting: "Uh, sir, your 6PM with Mr. White has been moved so that we can - briefly - show our support regarding the California Free State…situation."

"I thought this was taken care of, Yanitz."

Yanitz clears his throat. "Ah, yes, sir, but polling suggests you should spend some time supporting minorities. One group in particular has secured a permit."

Falloon sighs and waves the man away.

Flyers litter Denver in a grassroots campaign:

The Tusk Liberation Front and the Affirmative Committee of Cal-Free Refugees will be heard this (( TBD: Flashpoint )) at 6:00PM at the Denver Fairgrounds!

Racial Justice! Refugee Justice! Corporate Malfeasance Against Humanity!


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