2012 08 29

Wed Aug 29 2072

>>Intercepted Trix Call<<
Two Speakers, Unknown: Male, Possibly Middle Aged. LTG Origin: Bare Knuckle Gym

Male 1> "You're late Connor. Two clocks passed already."

Male 2(Connor?)> "Please don't patronize me, I'm getting enough back channel drek as a race traitor.

Male 1> (Chuckles :08 seconds) "That is an uninitiated perspective, Connor, you know that. I'm paying you, providing you bodies, it's a fair trade."

Male 2 (Connor)>"And I'm getting you the hardware you need, and sticking /my/ neck out. "

Male 1> (Passing Car sounds, :03. Failed triangulation.) "Perhaps you have a point. Perhaps I should stop paying you for the services, and you'll have less nuyen for your own goals. Now-"

Male 2>"Frag you."

Male 1> "Don't be a child, Connor. It doesn't suit you. Now where are we meeting?"

Male 2 (Connor)> (Heavy breathing on phone :03, background noise :10) "- place as always, we need to switch it after this. Dealing with a new fixer, good deal for you, only 9,000 =Y=. "

>>End of phone call<<

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