2012 07 20

Fri July 20 2072

Training officers form a cordon near the UCAS / Warrens border. They wear face shields and packed shotguns filled with rock salt. CalFree exiles seeking asylum slam fences/concrete walls/jury rigged barriers. Jeremy Faloon watches the scene escalate on trid monitors on a tight beam feed. His staff tells him this is merely a minor raid, and they'll hit ten more before the day is through. The fences teeter.

Twenty Lone Star and KE officers on a mixed task force bark Get Back! A refugee climbs a fence and totters the chain link over. A training man blows him down - one salt round de-snagged him and lacerated his chest. The exile group picks up rocks and wave ferrocrete blocks. Tear gas and rock salt pepper the crowd. Exiles turn tail. Some charge and are arrested or worse killed. The stragglers from the exile camp are herded into wagons and bussed off to Denver's borders. Someone else's problems. Faloon sweats bullets, "This has got to stop." He shuts the feed down.

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