2012 07 18 2

Wed July 18 2072

Big Moe pays off the "crossing poll" in Heather Gardens and heads for tonight's meet at Chrome. The slovenly fixer street clothes and armor lack the sheen and polish of any respectable club goer looking to get laid. In tow: two particularly well made up women and one angry looking man named Yuri.

Big Moe meets the slumming corp exec in a back room. The women, two humans, are blitzed on a potent cocktail of narcotics. Yuri stands guard and flexes his muscular bulk under his suit. Moe talks, "Ya see Yuri, I told ya this guy is kosher- we can branch out." Yuri answers, "Da, we shall see."

The exec licks his lips, "So whatever I want for 50 large a piece, right?" Big Moe's in the black tonight. "They're all yours."

Cred and flesh is exchanged. Moe makes his finders fee. Yuri looks worried. This is too good to be true. And that brings the attention of the big boys in the playground. Maybe Yuri pockets this deal and never mentions it again.

Elsewhere in the club a strung out ork in tweed and armored civilian clothes snorts a solid line off the breast of a troll. His glasses crack and he squints at the group that leaves. He's too wasted to care and it's too much fun at Chrome tonight.

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