2012 07 11

Tue July 11 2072

A Stuffer shack somewhere in the CAS District:
Two men, one human and one ork, speak across from an aisle; Each one pretending to be enraptured with trinkets on their respective aisle.

"Connor, your donation was appreciated."
"Not a problem, a friend of the cause a decker- Max, helped out and delivered on time."
"Really? I didn't realize you had a decker dedicated for creating funds."
"I didn't say that."

They move down as another ork enters the establishment. The human eyes him.

"One of yours?"
"Brother Mouzone, yes. He's our figurehead and my friend."
"Alright….you get the tickets to the "show"?"
The ork shakes his head. "Not yet and- I know what you're going to say. Your people are getting rowdy. I'll find something for them to do soon."
"I need more money."
"I'm working on that soon."

The man pays for a tridporn with CAS cash and leaves.

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