2012 05 29 7

Tue May 29 2072

To call the situation in the Golden Gate a standoff would be a misnomer. It would require both sides to care. ADmiral Kent 'Mason' Stone and Taskforce Long Arm, comfortably ensconced at Treasure Island, could not give two shits. 2000 marines have secured the island, while a full air wing of aircraft provide a certain kind of security that can only be reinforced by more than enough firepower to level the city.

The Japanese on the other hand, care a great deal. Especially as the riots spread through the entire Sacramento Metro area. Word races ahead of the fires, setting off the stirrings of anger in Fresno, home of The Akuma.

Meanwhile, in Northern California, Jace Gill looks over the fairly fresh forces of North Cal and eyes the chaos to the south. "Right on schedule."

"Indeed it is." Says Mr. Junjiro, raising a martini in salute. "All roads lead to the Golden Gate."

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