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Tues May 29 2072

Yuba City, three miles from the Bears Lair Quarantine Zone.

"General Gill." Says a man as he approaches the protector and general of the Republic of California. "It's Stone."

Gill takes the call, closing his eyes. "General Gill. Admiral, what can I do for you?"

"You got your boys ready to go?" Asks 'Mason' Stone.

"Done everything I can. Bakersfield is still holding, but with the Desert Rats and the recent influx of irregulars from Los Angeles and from the UCAS… We can make a good press. Can you keep them from talking?"

"Oh yeah." Says Stone. "I think it's time to reach out and touch someone."


"Eh. You're too young. Light the fires and kick the tires son. It's killin' time."

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