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Tues May 29 2072

Roseville erupts.

Years of repressive rule by the Japanese have created a decided undercurrent of tension. Fueled by decimation of Sacramento's economy after the invasion, by the mega-corporate looting of the former capital city and with the diversion of finance and business from Sacramento to to San Francisco, the tension boils over with the deaths of the Rand Park Six. Unemployment is rampant, especially among anglo youth. Japanese businesses are targeted, exclusive businesses catering to the marines and the corporate officials that oversee most of the economy. Fires break out across town as mobs form. Fury so long stored - fury not only at the Japanese, but the metahuman, the Indian, the dragon and the desert, fury at the Latino, at the very Earth itself for its insolidity.

California is a cauldron of anger that has simmered since 1850. Minor moments of flareup has happened, such a race riots, firestorms and earthquakes, but nothing like what starts to unfold in Roseville… and spread. Like the firestorm of the east bay, this riot spreads. From Roseville to Auburn and Citrus Heights. From there to Sacramento and down to Stockton. You can kick a dog only so long, before it turns back into a wolf. And the moment it happens, is a moment too late to stop it.

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