2012 05 29

Tues May 29 2072

Things in Roseville have been tense, with skirmishes breaking out regularly between civilians and Japanese troops. The Home Guard was brought in to handle the situation, but it becomes increasingly clear that they are incapable of - or unwilling to - put down these minor incidents with the fervor that the Japanese Imperial Command wants. So they bring in the Marines. A warning was sent out, in English and in Japanese. Cease all resistance or the mobs will be fired upon. What had been rock throwing by youth who knew no other way of life, becomes a tragedy.

Imperial Marines fresh off crowd control in San Francisco roll into Roseville. A group of young teens are congregated after school, at a park and are being playfully loud and brash. The marines tell them to disband and move along. One kid mouths off and a Japanese sergeant levels his rifle at the boy. Another teen, a girl, reaches for her cellphone to video the incident, but she never makes it. Thinking she's reaching for a weapon, the detachment opens fire. Six teens die in Rosevile, and what had been a spark will soon roar into a full fledged conflagration.

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