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Fri May 18 2072

Sitting in an office in the Chico State Capitol building (A converted office park), Custos Jace Gill sips his scotch-on-the-rocks with a sort of detatched air. Across from him, sits Kassandra Depavia - or Cindel, as the moment merits. "So let me understand you properly. You're here to tell me that you represent agents of 'various factions'…" You can hear the air quotes… "Who suspect I might have had something to do with the attack in San Francisco… and the attack on the bears lair. And you want me… to… what?"

"Continue what you are doing." She says simply - bluntly. "Your actions are in accordance with our own. Your goals serve our own. You are doing an excellent job."

Jace raises a brow, almost considering. But the seed is planted.

Later that day, as she makes her way into Los Angeles, Kassandra places a call. "The balls in play."

"Good." Says Dave, on the other end of the line. "He's too smart to not consider what we've said."

"Right." Says Kassandra, looking over the Valley. "And now he's going to look for strings in everything. Looking for our operations."

"But he won't find us. He'll only find Junjiro's strings."

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