2012 05 18

Fri May 18 2072

"Now, blokes, what you see on the other side of the clearing here…" Says SavageMan, Steve Kirkson, Trideo star of the para-nature feeds, pointing to a North American Juggernaut. Sort of a cross of a Rhino and a pissed off armadillo. Known for being able to charge an M-1 Abrhams and usually win. "Is a the amaaaaaaazing Juggah'naught! Look at this beauty! Isn't she grand? See her armored plates, how they shift and… uhho, mates. Look - see her nostrils flairing? She's got out scent now! We better get outta…"

The Camera zooms in, and you can see that the Juggernaught in question -sees- you as you see it. "Oh drek." Says the camera man, starting to back up as the Juggernaught charges. You wouldn't think something so big could be so FAST.

"CRIKEY!" calls out SavageMan, turning to run, a terrified look on his face. He doens't make it far before the horn of the juggernaught catches him, throwing him back over its flanks. The camera falls, and all you see is the Camera's feet running pel-mel for whatever safety he thinks he'll find from a 5 ton armored monster.

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