2012 05 16 1

Wed May 16 2072

Four canisters. 1st floor. It blows off first. 10:30 in the morning, during a shift change for the SFPD. Over a thousand police officers are moving through the 10 sub-terrainian floors of the main police department. Within thirty seconds, 900 are dead, and the rest really really wish they were.

Thirty seconds later - as the panicked last moments of the police alert the building to a problem, the canister on the 40th floor releases. Gas filters downwards, through vents and shafts, into every room of the massive skyscraper, and casualties are staggering among the corporate offices and research areas. The only floor spared here, is floor 39, a biological research facility with its own air filtration. Some 42 people survive unharmed here, and they thank every god they know of for it.

30 seconds later, the canister at the 80th floor blows. By this tme, the building rigger has realized something is wrong. Even though he's already dosed, and his body is shutting down, his mind is still sharp. Sharp enough to execute an emergency shutdown and diversion of the California Tower's ventilation systems.

This is a blessing for floors 60 and up of California Tower, but it's a curse for those people up and down Market Street where the heavy vapor settles.

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