2012 05 16

Wed May 16 2072

Theodore Gill was a conservative, slow to react governor of California. He always played the long game, which was good and bad. It meant that people could not see his overall strategy for California - and simply presumed he had no will to fight. But it also meant he had a plan and contingency for just about everything from the fall of Bakersfield, to what to do if he had fish for lunch.. to what should happen if he and his command staff were incapacitated in an attack or accident.

It's not that Gill had a great love for the civilian government and the rights of the citizenry. He did not. He was a soldier and a fighter, Theodore Gill. He was just fighting a war, not just a series of battles. It's that Gill knew that if he was killed - the time for the long game was over and it was time to throw the cards down and go all in. By nearly unanimous measure, the California Legislature, with pressure from the military, altered the California Free State's constitution to allow the head of the military to rule as president 'for the duration of the emergency'.

Several senior commanders in the north fail to respond to the call. Third in the list is Jace Gill. By telepresence from Bakersfield and Chico, Jace Gill is sworn as Custos of the Californian Republic.

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