2012 05 15

Tue May 15 2072

Denver, FTZ: Warpdrive Tower.

"California's a lost cause." Says Kassandra, looking over at Johnny.

"I know." Says he, leaning back in his chair, eyes closing. "It's too late to do anything. Haeffners on board. The Media's catching on. All the sudden, the block we've been fighting for years is gone. Like fragging magic."

"Not Magic." Says Kassandra. "Coordination." She lifts a hip to sit on his desk, looking down at the human. "You were right. A coordinated effort at the highest levels. I still don't understand why."

"The answer is chillingly obvious." Says Johnny, steepling his fingers. "All around the world, you have nations rising that are metahuman or ethnic in nature. Tir this, Tir that. The Caliphate, the Black Forest kingdom, Awakened Siberia, the Mojave and Amazonia… Japan's racist as all hell, but even they didn't exterminate 20 percent of their population."

"I see."

"Yeah. I wish you didn't."

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