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Mon May 14 2072

Kassandra stands on the north stanchon of the Golden Gate Bridge. The wind blows her hair in a beautiful sort of arc behind her. With her, stand the brothers. Junjiro to one side, Mercutio to the other.

"You are a curious addition." Admits Junjiro, eying the woman. "I expected you to be a man."

"Sorry to disappoint with my lack of external genitalia." Offers Kassandra, looking out over the UCAS battlefleet in the bay.

Mercutio is silent, simply observing as the wind jingles the bells of his outfit.

"Oh, not disappointed. Simply.. a sign of the times. THis world is so -different- than previous. So advanced. Last time around your kind were living in mud huts and poking sticks into things."

"The Wheel turns, Junjiro. When left alone, humans are very adaptable. Capable." Says Kassandra. "Are you so adaptable? Are your masters?"

"Oh." Says Mercutio. "Junjiro's masters… are very adaptable. It is what makes them so disastrous for mankind."

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