2012 05 14

Mon May 14 2072

The large conferance room took up the top floor of Petro-CAL tower, central to Bakersfield. The tower had been commandeered as a faux command post by General Jace Gill and it is from here he directs the defense of Bakersfield. Currently it is occupied by the leaders of ten of the roughest gangs the Los Angeles sprawl could provide. They had been carefully selected - men who had ties to the central valley and beyond - ties that had been cut. Either by the Japanese, or more recently by select, special actions on the part of people who looked Japanese. Never let anyone say that Jace is not ruthless.

General Gill stood at one end of the conference table and nodded to each of the ten gang leaders. His spanish is fluent, as any good Californians might be. "Senores. Tenemos una causa unificada - sus familiares y amigos han sido asesinados, aplastados bajo los pies de la Orktown a Fresno. La ma tambien. Unamonos. No te puedo dar a sus familias atras. Solo puedo darle una oportunidad de obtener sangre por sangre."

(Translation: Gentlemen. We have a common cause - Your families and friends have been murdered, crushed underfoot from Orktown to Fresno. Mine as well. Let us unite. I cannot give you back your families. I can only give you the chance to get blood for blood.)

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