2012 05 13 2

Sun May 13 2072

Back in Denver, Ramon, the leader of the segment of Los Surenos 13 or SUR 13 that calls the Denver sprawl home, reread the message from his cousin Grill. He couldn't believe what he had just read and had to go over it again. His finger hovered over the delete key on the poc sec for a full moment before he lowered his hand. Frowning he shouted out of the small room behind the garage he kept as a stash house to the other three gang members standing watch out front.

"Hoi, joo tree get in 'ere. We got biz, Shorty joo get on a bike and roll right now back to dey casa and tell La Mina to meet me at da diner pronto eh." The predictably short human male hopped on a bike outside the garage and screamed into the Denver night.

Ramon went back to the message and frowned considering the implications of what he was reading. He understood the need for insurance in some things but why had his cousin and his gang the 8th Street Locos agreed to this stupidity in the first place?

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