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Sat May 12 2072

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles…

Grillz sat back in his chair and looked across the bar at the entrance. The gringo came in and looked through the legs of a particularly unattractive stripper to meet the gaze of the orc gang leader.

Lt. David West of the Cal-Guard made his way through the smoke filled club and slid into the booth across from the orc. He nodded once to the burly meta and then again towards the two other large orcs sitting in a table beside the gang leader, his obvious security.

"Hoi chummer, jouz late…" drawled out Grillz, gold teeth glinting momentarily in the glare from the spotlights along the stage.

West frowned and shook his head, "I wasn't aware we were on a set schedule here Grillz." The gringo waved off the waitress who winked at Grillz and added a little extra sashay into her swing as she walked away.

West continued, "So are you and the Locos interested in the offer we discussed?" The military man slid an envelope across the table towards the orc. "Half in advance"

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