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Sat May 12 2072

This would not be an issue, this checking of old sites, if the STC had lived up to its obligations per treaty. But Kyle Haeffner, President of the United Canadian and American States… He can't sleep at night. The numbers from California pour in, agents crawling through that state now. He triggered an emergency audit of all stores and supplies. A top to bottom accounting of every ounce and gram of every weapon ever manufactured in this century by the United States or Canada. And thats what these men in Loveland are doing.

Or were.

These probing runs have not been unnoticed. And the pattern easy enough to read. While the Sioux may share the UCAS' horror with the situation in California, they cannot tolerate these probes. They are unwelcome, unlawful and they will be repulsed.

The battle is a running one, but in the end, the UCAS team is crushed. The Wildcats have preparation, location and time on their side. The UCAS troops are relying on speed and stealth. Only one man will survive this moment, carried away by sympathetic locals - which may seem oxymoronic. But as the sun comes up over Denver, a new shadowrunner, disavowed by his government will take his place - Grizzly.

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