2012 05 11 9

Fri May 11 2072

Shit looks bad for Tycho. Smoke and confusion, screaming and chaos. Dying times here. Magork the Merceless takes a shotgun blast to the chest, then slumps over, sprawling on the ground. Wheezer gets clipped in the face, spinning twice then hitting the back wall in a spray of blood. Rounds slam into tycho, and yeah, he's in good armor and he's got ballistic plating, but that shit adds up. He stumbles back, trying to return fire in the confusion.

Red. Someone sees red. Lances of red like laser beams. They light up the room as Mafen drops his camoflauge and wades into combat. Like a tank in his armor, the full borg covers Tycho's retreat, dispatching shots at the Vimson boys.

If Laz was holding out for a hero, Mafen has arrived. The only question now, is what happens?

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