2012 05 11 8

Fri May 11 2072

Up on the 3rd Floor, Tycho's team comes into the room with a crashing of doors and a crashing sort of boom! It's very dramatic.

But there's no one here. The room seems empty enough. A quick tossing of the contents is given and Tycho starts to get PISSED. All this for nothing? And then three gangers pause, guns dropping into their hands and focusing in a general area of the room. Magic is afoot here.

But what kind of magic?

They won't get a chance to find out, because at that point, breaching charges go off from the room adjacent, and Vimson's Volares enter the room. A small mercenary/bounty hunting unit formed in the UCAS, they usualy operate out of Ohio, they were in the area for other business as yet unspecified. "Take em down!" Calls out Vimson himself, cigar clenched in his teeth. "Secure that man!"

Guns chatter, a battle breaking out as Tycho and his orks take cover. But lets be real. It's gangers against hardened agents. Gangers start to fall, and it looks like Tycho's gonna have a hard moment of reality about to come his way.

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