2012 05 11 6

Fri May 11 2072

Up on the third floor, Tycho moves along like a locomotive. A ganger from the Marlboro Men, a sort of western themed spiker-gang, charges at Tycho. Tycho's having none of it as he just reaches out and grabs the cowboy by the neck. The man struggles for a moment, and then Tycho's hand squeezes closed on the man's larynx. Crunch, then gurgling can be heard as Tycho throws the cowboy into a wall, leaving a bloody smear as he crumples. And then there's one door left. Tycho's men pull close to him, ready to storm in. This is their -prize-. They fought all the way here, and he HAS to be in this room. Laz is theirs, motherfraggers. Laz is /theirs/.

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