2012 05 11 3

Fri May 11 2072

Oh, Succubus. How appropriately named. When Mumpoker Grusagrig of the Riders of Mayhem busts down her door with a thudding kick, what does he find? He finds a smoking hot elf slitch all spread out on her bed, thighs wide and inviting. It's not subtle. Not even a little. His men file in behind him, and for a moment, Mumpoker doens't quite know what to do. Then his baser instincts take over and he drops his pants. What comes next does succeed in avoiding her apartment being totally trashed, but it comes at a cost. Succubus takes an S wound from the brutal gangbang that follows. Shadowrun is a nasty world. It's a brutal place. To say that it's not, or try to avoid it is to ignore one of the base components of Dystopia, which is an almost primordial reversion of man, the veneer of civility and humanity covering a bestial nature. And Succubus unleashes it in her new 'friends'. They only stop when she's no longer any fun - when she's too broken, too quiet and too wounded to be fun tormenting any more.

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