2012 05 10

Thu May 10 2072

Meanwhile, down at the crank… Inside, Laz waits, pacing. Communications are hard, crackly and static filled between he and Mafen. One of the teams outside has deployed a Jammer to confuse and confound the other teams and it's catching him in the backdraft. Mafen makes his way through the warzone, occasionally challenged, but his ruthenium keeping him mostly safe, and his bulk doing the talking when it does not. Tycho has a bit of an issue with Magork the Merciless, a troll in the gangers he leads. Magork thinks it's time for a real man to lead, so Tycho shows Magork what a real man is. It's an ork made of metal.

OOC: The events with Mafen, Tycho and Laz (And any others who come in) take place directly after the flash point. However, they were delayed in resolution. Vulcan is handling resolution now and the storyline should wrap up in the next day.

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