2012 05 06 9

Sun May 6 2072

On the Matrix…

The 'Black Cat' is a known name. Second string decker, but solid rep and with some powerful friends in the meat world. When he speaks, people tend to listen. Especially when he's dropping information and tips. He drops the tip that the magical elf, Lazarus 'Tonka' Jones was seen in Tir Llewn recently, hiding out in the old Perry Tower. It's a good, solid tip, and The Black Cat knows who to get the tip to to make it play.

But the problem is, there's a lot of tips flooding the market right now, and none of them are generating the kind of interest or clear details as the one dropped by The Wire. Some bounty hunters pull off to investigate this tip, the pickings at the Crank seeming a litttttle thin, what with so many people there… but it's not a considerable amount. The trix just doesn't reach your average street level ganger too much, so even as trained muscle leaves, untrained muscle swarms in.

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