2012 05 06 8

Sun May 6 2072

Wyvern tries to pull some of the heat off of Laz. She spreads some word through Henry Del Rey that it's Aztlan, you know, Aztechnology who's supporting Laz, and he escaped from the warrens last night! He's off in the Aztlan sector now. But the problem is, this lie, while seemingly reasonable, does not take in to account the propensity for humans to ignore information that does not play into their biases. They are baised, by want, desperation and effort-already-expensed, to the idea that Laz is in the warrens. A few people, only a few, drop off and investigate other leads… but the Horsemen, along with bounty hunters and other gangs, seem to be turning the area around the Crank into a warzone all its own.

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