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Sun May 6 2072

The Horsemen are a ways out from their home of Orktown, but they are following Steel. Steel's made a bit of a name for himself today, gunning down several SilverThorns up in Tir Llwen and bailing the Horsemen out of a jam. When the word comes in about Laz being in Mission Hills, well… they head on over. In force. The Horsemen dont' have a lot of high tech weapons, and they certainly don't have a lot of fighting smarts, but they have numbers. Oh god, do they have numbers. Knives, baseball bats and old pistols, they hurt when you have 5/1 odds in your favor.

Also. Steel. The chromed ork at the front of the pack doesn't use weapons. He just wades into battle, bullets ricocheting off his armor as he smashes into the Sinners. It's a bad day to be the sinners! Pretty quickly, Tycho's tactical genius (Hey, he's got 100 orks all walking in the same basic direction) have surrounded the Crank.

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