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Sun May 6 2072

Mission Hills becomes a war zone. Every two bit bounty hunter swarms into the area, looking for the easy score. The Sinners don't really know what the hell to do for a moment. There's too many to fight, too many start a fire fight…and there are people to the north and south who wouldn't mind taking a bite out of the Sinner's little pleasure pits. The Saints to the south have long had problems with the Sinners, as the Sinners use the Nightshades to try and keep the Saints destabilized. The Royals in Heather Gardens would not mind a little expansion, but they sit sort of pretty behind a defensible sector…

But that won't stop Ryan from suggesting it. He steps into Gabriel's office and outlines his plan. The Royals really don't have much interest in it, but the Saints are itching for a fight. Maybe they don't see that Fox Hollow to the south is already fighting, or maybe they think that will protect their southern flank as they shift gangers to the north.

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