2012 05 06 16

Sun May 6 2072

Ever reached out and smacked a hornets nest with a stick? It's not generally advisable. All the sudden, this big swarm of angry, buzzing, biting and stinging insects comes out and they all want to hurt you. Well, maybe you. You and everyone in the area. Everyones going to get hurt.

The Demons and Sorina reached out and smacked that hornets nest. Lone Star and Knight Errant are like brothers. Angry, jocular brothers who slap each other and try and make each other look bad, but brothers. And someone killed 16 cops in Fox Hollow. The police come to rapid high alert, with Fast Response Teams gearing up. They arn't going in yet - yet - but they are here.

Doc Wagon has suspended service to the Warrens, citing increased risk to crews and machines. Those with super platinum level service can still receive service.

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