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Sun May 6 2072

Sipping his coffee, Mr. Junjiro looks out over the sprawling warrens from atop the Bare Knuckle Gym. "Now. You see?" Asks the japanese man. "Mercy. It saves nothing. Mercy shown to Laz… and the world erupts into flame and chaos.

The bald headed black man next to him does not say anything, instead, watching the night fall on the warrens.

"Nothing to say, brother?" Asks Junjiro. "And to think. I did… nothing… here. I have done nothing. All of this, is avarice and greed. Where, brother… is your inspiration? Your good.. nature?"

"It is here." Says Mercutio, features calm, placid. "Chaos is a ripple in the pond. They all even out… when you stop throwing stones, brother."

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