2012 05 06 12

Sun May 6 2072

What comes next, is an epic car chase. Whirling the car back and roaring down the road, Snow takes the lead. The Blackboot SKins pour after her in their trucks, firing rounds - but really, it's hard to fire from a truck. Bullet's shatter the back window, as Snow weaves in and out of obstacles, taking the sidewalk, the street, and once, even the inside of a warehouse for her escape vectors. The woman can drive, maybe give Starks or Bsyde a run for there money.

But what the Elite lacks, is staying power. She has to avoid obstacles the Blackboots just drive through or over in their trucks. "Can't do this for long, Hardball!" shouts Snow to Fray.

Snapping a final round into his shotgun, a round with a gunmetal grey ring of paint around it, he just smiles, rolling down the window. "Give me a drift curve, three seconds of exposure."

"Right," says Snow, downshifting for power. The car roars as she floors it… "Curve in 3.. 2.. 1.." And then the car powers into a picture perfect, holo-vid powered slide. Wheels pointed the right direction, smoke rising up from the tires, the car glides around the corner.

Fray's shotgun reports - a cannon in a small space, but the AV round slams into the hood of the lead blackboot truck, the vehicle jerking to the side, hitting a dumpster and flipping over into the road. Skinheads have a bad day as their friends run right over them.

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