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Sun May 6 2072

Rice-A-Oni, the leader of this wing of the Go-Gang called the Demons, she's been fed some rumors. Looks like Brock has his ears to the ground and his tongue in the right places to get information where it needs to be. She gathered up some of her best riders and they went tearing through the warrens. Here they come, in to Fox Hollow. Chromed eyes narrow slightly as she rides - and she senses something is wrong.

But she's not really one to care. She guns the engine on her bike, roaring forward into the maw of the waiting police. It's an ambush, but the Deamons are much like honey badgers. They just don't care. What comes is a brutal battle, the sort of fight that comes once in a while, but is a good example of why the police do not come into the warrens.

Bikes skitter out of control, slamming into buildings, but the drugged up Gangers come onward like a wave. Gunshots, semi and fully automatic ring out. Calls by the police for back up go unheeded, as the police are in the warrens. The fight quickly devolves into close quarters fighting.

Supervising Sargent Tim Peterson is no slouch, he's a grizzled old veteran of war and peace as well as the veteran of the peaceful war called the FRFZ. His hands to either side of Rice-A-Oni's head, he snaps her neck. She collapses like a rag doll to the ground at his feet. 15 of his men are dead. 25 gangers are down. He feels… triumphant. Amazing. Powerful. Except for that spike of pain in his left arm. The way it travels up his arm. His hand comes to his chest as he sinks to his knees.


This is a very bad place to have a heart attack.

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