2012 05 06

Sun May 6 2072

Down in Fox Hollow, things were already brewing with the IronSiders and the Laymen. Up in arms already, the district is pretty pissed off. It doens't take much to set things alight. In this case, it's a cross-border incursion by Lone Star. That's right. A squad of 20 men in four Mob Masters roll through the Fox Hollow Gate and into the district. They take up positions along a blind curve.

Supervising Sergeant Tim Peterson has command, but he looks nervous. He's 63 years old, and this is his last rodeo. Either this goes off as well as Sorina sold him on it, or this is the end of his career. It's a make or break moment for this 35 year veteran of the force. Scanning over the streets and the buildings, some of the training he got in the CAS Marine Corps comes back to him. Fighting in Texas, house to house in Austin. Snapping out crisp, clear orders he puts a hand to his sidearm when he hears the roar of the engines.

Demons are coming to Fox Hollow.

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