2012 05 04 7

Fri May 4 2072

For years, Laz has been a fixture in the Rez: renting himself out to slummers visiting the Dungeon for a cheap thrill or some other nefarious business, or as hired protection by local business owners within the neutral zone. Whatever connections or friendships he made there must seem threadbare now, as everyone's hopes are ignited, the hope of getting the hell out of this shithole to a nice clean apartment in the CAS, becomes an easily attainable goal. Street kids, vendors, slitches, whores (snagglefoofs) and tricks alike are passing out descriptions of this character and two things keep coming up: really fragging tall Elf with a sword. That's the word the Steeltide get and where do you find an Elf hiding in the Warrens? Where the frag else, slitches? The Goddamn Warzone.

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