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Fri May 4 2072

In the Warzone, Gritty Dawg and Billimus are hunkered down behind the hulk of a city buss, long burned out. "We done gone an gone geet DAYD!" says Gritty Bill, cracking open his Roomsweeper and slapping two new shells in, to return fire at the Blackboot Skins that have them pinned down with assault rifles. "Ain' gonna have no snagglefoofs 'er no goddamn wingdangers or no pussy! Goddamn it, I can' be dyen a'fo I had mah firs' pussy o'day!"

"Remarkably salient points." says Billimus with a level sense of calmness to him as he reloads his Ingram sub machine gun. "Perhaps we might offer this argument to our friends the blackboots." He pauses a moment. "LEON! GRITTY BILL IS GONNA SLOT YOUR MOTHER!"

Gritty Bill eyes Billimus. "Ah hatechoo sometimes."

"Well. Lets go kill some people and work out your rage issues."

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