2012 05 04 2

Fri May 4 2072

Down in South Sunrise, the Horsemen are out looking for that fragger with the quarter million price on his head. Gritty Dawg and Billiums are moving with some other gangers.

"Naw naw naw. I'z a use mah share ta git me some crunka an den I'z gonna get me sum snagglefoofs'n drek. Why, you gots somtin better?" Says Gritty Dawg, walking with an outlandish strut and talking with his hands.

"Yes." Says Billimus, one hand stroking down his big black trollish beard "I, my friend, have somewhat more urbane and erudite desires than you. I have /goals in life./"

"Aawww yeah? Whucha do den billy? Whacha do?"

"I, my compatriot, shall have two women. At once."

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