2012 05 02 4

Wed May 2 2072

"Salad, Yukon, you are clear for a Field Goal." Comes the crackling sound in Ceasar 'Salad' Jiminez's ear.

Pushing the F-92 Baslisk Air-Superiority Fighter to full military power, Salad is pressed back in his seat. "Copy that, CAG. Moving to speed, pushing to Mach 2.3."

Both planes on the CAP for the Dunk rocket into the San Francisco Bay, sonic booms trailing behind them as trails of white vaporized water curl almost lazily behind them. Traffic on the Golden Gate comes to a halt as the aircraft go through the goalposts - the two upraised pillars of the iconic 150 year old bridge.

"2 points for Uncle Sam." Calls out Chuck 'Yukon' Madic as they curl south, over Treasure Island and head down the bay.

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