2012 05 03

Wed May 2 2072

And what a time it is to be a big ship. Down in Corpus Christi, Aztlan… the USS Iowa is being readied for sail. How did Aztlan get a US battleship? You know know. The old fashioned way. They invaded the city it was docked in and stole the fragger. The story goes that the texans, the moment they seceded from the Union with the CAS, started refitting the ship. And that story is correct. When the Azzies rolled in to CC, they found themselves under fire from the largest artillery platform known to god. But all good things come to an end, and a team of Jaguar Guards took the ship after a long struggle. Something about a cook who was a Navy SeAL.

Anyway. After 30 years, they are getting ready to scrap the old broad, because they have no love for history. As such, she's being readied to sail.

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