2012 04 30 2

Mon April 30 2072

The Warrens has been a pretty quiet place for a long while. But maybe it only seems that way? That seems more reasonable, that people are simply distracted. Here you are, in your nice highrise condo, or your pissy little bar in Shenandoah, or maybe, maybe you're up at the Dungeon shaking your ass for 20 nuyen in corpscript and hoping to score enough to get a hit of NOVA before you go home. NO matter where you are, for about two miles around the blast zone, there's a shuddering boom that rattles windows - and it rises from Tir Llewn.

Later in the night, it will come out that Ratman John, a local burnt out street shaman was trying to commune with the spirit of a propane tank using a blowtorch.

Thats… not such a good plan.

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