2012 04 27 1

Fri April 27 2072

While we're on the subject of things not to do in a warzone… Looks like Steel's got himself a fancy ruthenium suit and thinks it makes him a ninja. So a black helicopter sneaks into Bakersfield during the siege, people rappel down and and steal California's VX gas… then Steel decides to walk into General Gill's command post with some other people, but invisible and not announcing himself. Then - in the middle of tense discussions, he pops out of his ruth and starts talking like nothing's wrong! That's one fullborg who damn near became a swiss-cheese-borg. Seems Tinman took some control of the situation and promised to give Steel a beatdown. Maybe that's what Barstow was really about?

PP loss: Tycho, -75. Softened from 100 due to this action being unlinked to a plot in which he received reward.

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