2012 04 26

Thu April 26 2072

Exposition, not for player IC knowlede.

Mercutio and Junjiro sit in a cafe in Lisbon, Portugal. They could not look more different, these two. Mercutio, a sort of neo-gypsy with his long and bald african features, bald head and simple, almost homespun clothing with the little bells sewn into it. Junjiro, the very dashing picture of the japanese businessman with a rakishly styled goatee, japanese features and heavy brow, dark black hair slicked back into a pony tail and his impeccably tailored suit.

"My brother." Says Mercutio, echewing his usual third person canter and pace.

"My brother." Returns Junjiro, picking up his drink and giving it a sip. It's a thick greenish sludge called Quaha, a turkish sort of coffee. That strips paint.

Mercutio adds sugar - three packets - to his tea, sweetening it to a point the Queen of England might slap him for. "The Bloodgates seem to be coming along nicely for you, despite my best efforts."

"Do not sound so dejected, brother. You have secured the burning stills. I have all but secured the bloodgates, it is true - and there is very little you can do to stop it. You know what your problem is?"

"No." Deadpans Mercutio. "Why don't you enlighten me, brother."

"Your problem is the same as it has been for three ages. You offer them no gain for their choices. You give them nothing worth fighting for. Like, that woman - the mother in Denver. You took away her responsibility - by her choice - and gave her nothing for it. I promise you, now she feels stupid, spinning concoctions of conspirisy in her mind and turning -you- in to the jeudo-christian Devil."

"In Judeo-Christian Mythology, the devil represents informed choice, which is at complete odds with the concept of faith-based devotion devoid of choice or reason. I do not find this unreasonable."

"Always the thinker, Mercutio. You should /feel/ more. People /love/ to feel right. Remember that your peace is a lie - and only exists because it is punctuated by war."

"This has been very good tea, Brother. But I must be going."

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